The Supplementary Information Form

Applicants are asked to complete our Supplementary Information form (SIF) so that governors can rank your application accurately. Contact the school office for a SIF application or download from the foot of this page.  The SIF must be returned to the school. 

The school does not have a local 'catchment area' and is thus open to any child living in any local authority area according to the admissions criteria.  You should read the admissions criteria in the attachment at the foot of this page.  You can also download the Local Authority's Admissions Booklet below.

Ethos and Values

Our Church of England School is firmly rooted in the deep spirituality and liturgical life of the anglo-Catholic tradition in the Church of England, with daily worship and two Sung Masses each week. We are ecumenical in outlook and work in close partnership with those of many Christian traditions and none. We also support those of other faiths in a culture of respect, tolerance and promote diversity.

Supporting the Ethos of the School

Those applying for a place here are asked to respect the distinctive ethos and traditions of the school. This does not affect the right of parents who are not of Christian faith to apply.  We have a long history of supporting and encouraging pupils of all relgious backgrounds and none.

What we will do when we receive your application

Once we have received your application we will rank them by using the information provided on your SIF in order of the Admissions Criteria.  If you are applying for a place in Reception Class - the local authority will notify of this.  If you are applying for a place in any other year group, we will contact you to tell you that a place has been offered.