Governors’ fund

Whilst the fund is entirely voluntary, we all appreciate the continued generosity and investment in the school year after year – we simply couldn’t develop without it.

In 2017, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £72 (£24 a term, this is £1.80 a week for each week a child is at school.

Some parents cannot afford this and offer less whilst others often contribute much more.  We are grateful for all contributions. In September 2017, we built a new kitchen on the Grove site which has enabled us to cook food on site every day.

All church schools are required to manage their own maintenance fund

- building developments - we own and manage our own land and buildings - we are not local authority school

- refurbishments

- contributions to any capital expenditure over £2000

- insurance and security

- discretionary items such as pupil hardship, facilities, staff retention, or enrichment activities - especially for vulnerable pupils

Is it a New Thing?

No, all church schools have had to operate maintenance funds for decades and there are parts of our school which have been beautifully built or extended by successive generations of parental contributions.  For example, the classrooms in the year 3 tower of the Broadway, and the rebuilding work at the Grove Site ten years ago.

Why Do We Need It?


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