School council

The School Council is an ideal opportunity for pupils to express their views and become more involved in the way that the school is run.

Councillors are elected democratically by their class and therefore it is the responsibility of each councillor to ensure that they express their own views and the views of the class they represent. It helps to build negotiation skills in pupils as well decision making and team working skills. 

Pupils at Christ the Saviour take deep pride in this role and have achieved some impactful actions around the school.  Such as menu ideas and themed food days, introductions of new equipment and delivering some thought provoking assemblies on local issues. Pupils from our School Council last year also introduced a suggestion box that was sorted through, read and responded to by the School Council.

Our School Council ethos is much rooted in mutual trust and respect, where all opinions are shared, discussed and often implemented. When collecting pupil voice, students have acknowledged that our school council is a safe and trusting place where children can achieve positive change.