Holy Communion

The confirmation one of our pupils

Admission to Holy Communion at the Broadway Site Mass

The weekly school masses bring the whole school community together in collective worship and prayer and reinforces our purpose as a church school. 

The Eucharist (often called the mass or Holy Communion) is the most important act of worship of the Christian church and it is a great privilege for us all, children and adults, to be able to take part.

Children admitted to Holy Communion at the School Mass:

1. Members of the Church of England who have been confirmed in the Church of England

2. Un-confirmed children from the parish of Christ the Saviour are admitted to Holy Communion after teh sacrament of Confirmation - children may come ot the altar for a blessing and indicate this by crossing their arms diagonally across their chest

3. If a child attending the Church of England in another parish presents the requisite written evidence that he has been formally admitted to Holy Communion under the 2006 Regulations, they are entitled to be admitted to Holy Communion in any parish, irrespective of whether the children of that parish are admitted to Holy Communion prior to confirmation.  (See para 10 of the 2006 Regulations).

4. Baptized, communicant members of other Churches which subscribe to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity 
(assuming, of course, that they present themselves at the rail to receive) and who have been formally admitted to Holy Communion in their own church. 

Reverence and Worship

Pupils who are admitted to Holy Communion must be prepared to receive it with reverence.  We approach the altar in line with the traditions of the parish - approaching with hands clasped and in silence. 

We consume the host immediately in front of the priest and then proceed to receive the Chalice - we discourage self-intincting (dipping the host in the chalice) in this parish.