We combine Christian values, global dimensions in learning, and the rights respecting school strategies to create innovative programmes of study which value art, performance, music, cultural development and sport equally as important as STEM* subject studies. We plan rich and memorable learning experiences. Each term's programme of study combines cross-curricular links, educational visits, global dimensions, problem solving and critical questioning. We follow the National Curriculum as revised in 2014. If you wish to find out any further information about our curriculum, please email the school office who will direct your enquiry to the relevant person. admin@cts-school.org

Christian values

Our Christian values are found in our policy documents but also in the culture and ethos of the school. They link policy to practice and drive school improvement. They enable educators to inspire, challenge and guide the intellectual and moral development of each learner. Each value links to a set of questions about individual growth, curriculum understanding, leadership and service and complement our global and rights respecting initiatives.

Global dimensions in learning

The development of pupil voice, critical thinking, global learning, alongside developing the 'whole child' through personal, social and emotional aspects of learning are at the centre of our curriculum and approaches to learning and teaching.  

Rights respecting school

Each class chooses, studies and and implements one of the UN rights of the child statements each year.  They explore how the statement relates across a wide range of subjects and areas of study. 


*STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Christian Values

A holistic approach to learning

Global Dimensions in Learning

Global links and approaches cascade through our approach to learning and teaching

Rights Respecting School

Developing a strong sense of pupil voice is part of our commitment to enabling 21st century learners make a difference to the world around them