Here you will find a page for each year group.  You will also find information on each subject below the year group pages.  

Need more informatiion?

We are always happy to share more information about our curriculum.  Please email us with suggestions or requests for further information - we endeavour to answer emails in term time within 24 hours.  admin@cts-school.org

Curriculum Maps

A curriculum map outling the programme of learning in each year group can be found under each year group's own page below.  Further information from a subject perspective can be found under the subject headings listed below.


Talking, reading, writing, phonics, spelling and handwriting


How we teach arithmetic and mathematics.

Other Awards and Accreditation Programmes

Rights Respecting School, Stonewall Champion School, Eco School, International School, Healthy School, NACE Gifted and Talented


How we teach art

Design and Technology

How we teach DT


How we teach geography


How we teach history


How we teach computing, programming and IT


Our approach to teaching music

Personal, Social, Emotional and Health Education (PSHE)

Our approach to nurturing each individual in community.

PE, School Sport and Games

Our approach to Physical Education, School Sport and Games

Religious Education

Our R.E. curriculum