Physical Education, School Sport and Games

Introduction to PE

The PE department is keen to encourage all pupils to remain active throughout their lifetime. Consequently, the main aims are for pupils to enjoy a variety of experiences on offer and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The PE programme aims to give pupils experiences and knowledge of a variety of physical activities that together involve teamwork, independence, creativity, problem-solving, leadership, and physical, social and mental development. Additionally, the development of confidence, tolerance and the appreciation of performers’ strengths and weaknesses are considered to be important elements of the learning process.

It is intended that the programme offered, will develop those skills and attitudes appropriate to involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle.

We have school teams in athletics, cricket, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, kurling, netball, basketball, hockey and rugby. There is a wide variety of sports clubs available to pupils at both lunchtimes and after school and we hold numerous ‘inter-house’ competitions throughout the school year, which are open to all pupils.

A Quote from a Parent

"I'd like to say that the sports' day and the training sessions at Perivale in the weeks prior to the event were a huge success.  My son is not a great sports enthusiast but he was inspired by the coaching he received.  As each Perivale visit approached he looked forward to it with great enthusiasm.  The whole experience has been extremely worthwhile for him and has given him an extremely positive view of track and field events.  Many thanks for your work in encouraging this."

We love sport at Christ the Saviour and have professionally trained and qualified coaches and teachers who teach P.E. and games lessons.  

During the summer term, all pupils in Key Stage 2 spend a whole afternoon a week at the Perivale Athletics Track.  We focus on track and field events alongside the national curriculum themes of: invasion games, striking, fielding games and outdoor and adventure activities.  Sports' Days comprise of two parts: a team-based compeitive house activities to raise as many points as possible and competitive track and field events.  You can download the house activities which have been matched to the national curriculum skills below.

Track and field events are taught throughout the term and pupils compete in heats so that by sports' day, every child has been entered into a competiive event.  These events include:

Lunchtimes, After School and Clubs

Outdoor lunchtime play in Key Stage 2 is led by four sports coaches - one of whom is an international footballer! We have expanded our after school provision to include a wide range of clubs including fencing, street dance, netball, taekwondo and football.

Association for Physical Education

We are currently working towards accrediation for our PE from the PE Association.

Youth Sport Trust

We are members of the Youth Sport Trust and are working with them to enhance the PE and school sport we provide using their self assessment framework.

British Althletics Awards Programme

We embark upon an enrichment programme with the British Athletics Programme where every child should aim to try out and develop on a multi-event based approach and aim to seek an award for either a Pentathlon or Decathlon.

English Schools Athletics Association

Click here to access the English Schools Athletics Association.