Global dimensions in learning

International pupils from China enjoy a week at CtS

"Social justice features prominently and pupils make explicit their own sense of mission as a response to the gospel challenge. Their care for each other, well modelled by their teachers, is demonstrated through their understanding of the meaning of a Rights Respecting School. This is permeated by the Christian values of compassion, humility, endurance and thankfulness." 

Diocesan Section 48 Inspection

What is global learning?

Our work for the 'International School Award' stems from the school's aims of having a globally-minded approach to learning.  Not only is our community international, we live in an increasingly inter-dependent world.  By adopting a global dimension in the curriculum, teaching and learning is enriched and the global outlook ties the curriculum together.  It introduces educators to new practices and perspectives, furthers professional development, makes links with students in other countries, and builds tolerance and diversity. Global learning enables our learners a window to look into different cultures and countries, helping eveyone in the community develop as responsible, global citizens whilst preparing them for life and work in a global society.

Our approach and aims: (in line with the Global Learning Programme)

What have we been doing?

We have linked out curriculum topics and maps to incude global dimensions and perspectives, cultural awareness and tolerance and mutual understanding.  Here are some examples of our learning:

Working with and helping to raise additional funds for the Ibba Girls' School in Sudan

Welcoming a group of pupils to China to CtS for the week and studied together, learning about similatities and differences

Exploring Bollywood dance in the nursery class

Exploring the impact of humans on the ocean in Year 3

Researching the impact plastic has on our environment 

Investigating different types of breads from across the world in a Year 5 technology project

Celebrating Black History Month and Nelson Mandella in Year 1

Leading an exhibition presenting key information about all of the countries represented in the school community

Exploring issues in the ecosystem and the importance of butterflies and bees in year 3

Promoting the right conditions for bees

Year 6 hosted a special Global Warming Day - raising awareness of the issues around global warming

Climate Change - a day's enrichment across the school

Organising a whole campaign  - Green for Life

Through our global learning orogrammes and initiatives, we want our learners to:

We have the following Awards:

Member of Global Learning Programme   

International School Award (learning for a sustainable world)   

Rights Respecting School Award

Eco School Award   

Stonewall Accredited School (promoting tolerance and standing against bullying)   

School Travel Plan Award (Gold)

Focussed writing in the weekly 'Big Write' on global issues such as pollution and waste