WW2 History Workshop with Year 6.
Year 1 learn about the coronation in a visit to Windsor Castle.
Year 3 dress up for their Egyptian assembly!

History teaching at CTS aims to give pupils a coherent knowledge and understanding of the ‘story’ of Britain’s past and the wider world. We aim to inspire pupils’ curiosity, equipping them to ask and answer questions, through engaging lessons, the study of artefacts, workshops and educational visits.


At KS1 pupils study the more recent past, looking at the themes of Toys and Seaside Holidays. Significant people, events and places from the more distant past are also studied, including the Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale, Windsor Castle and Remembrance Day.


At KS2 pupils begin a chronological study of history, which sweeps them through thousands of years of history. From the building of Stone Henge in Prehistoric Britain (Year 3), through the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Vikings and Early Islamic Civilisations, pupils are taken on a journey of historical enquiry and investigation, ending at 1066 in Year 5. In Year 6 pupils sharpen their historical skills by focusing on a local study, Ealing during the Second World War, and a thematic study, Crime and Punishment Through the Ages.