In Year 5 we teach using 'Sketch Up' as part of our adapted 'Switched onto ICT' teaching approach which we've adapted for our school. We teach pupils to be conversant with Mac and Windows computers and are excited about our new computer programming schemes of work which we're still developing.

Units of work and attainment levels in ICT can be downloaded below.  We use an innovative scheme of work called Switched on to ICT which we have adapted further for our pupils.  By the time pupils reach year 5, they are using software such as Google Sketch Up in design.

The basis for our approach to teaching ICT, including programming, can be found at the 'Switched on to ICT' website here.

We also teach an E-safety lesson every half term and use the Think U Know website.

We also use ICT substantially in other subjects.  We have an excellent Meru wireless network and use mobile devices to enrich learning across the curriculum as much as possible.  

We teach pupils to use Apple Macs and Windows PCs so they develop skills in both.