Our approach to teaching the mathematics system for all pupils to succeed in mathematics at CtS.
Richard Dunne speaks about our approach to the teaching of mathematics. We love maths at CtS and our pupils attain levels by the end of Year 6 well above the national average.
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What maths do children need to know at Primary school?

Quite simply, we love maths at Christ the Saviour.  There is a dedicated page on Maths Makes Sense which you can click on to here.

'Maths Makes Sense' is the approach we adopt as we teach maths here.  It combines the use of concrete objects with exaggerated actions and a special vocabulary to teach the 10 Big Ideas that primary school children need to understand maths. These 10 ideas underpin the whole Maths Makes Sense learning system and are taught consistently throughout the school.


Introduced by age 7 and for those who are ready, before
The symbols speak to you
The logic of the language tells you the answer

Introduced after age 7 and for those who are ready, before

A dynamic and powerful way of teaching
Maths Makes Sense has a unique way of teaching maths that makes symbolic it enjoyable and fully understandable.

Concrete objects
Maths Makes Sense uses concrete objects including cups, cards and sticks to create a tangible and visible representation of maths. It embeds a picture of maths in children's minds, which they can recall later when they start working without concrete objects.

Exaggerated actions
Children use physical actions to act out calculations and mathematical concepts. This helps children to learn kinaesthetically.

Special vocabulary
Maths Makes Sense uses carefully designed phrases to help children access and apply mathematical concepts in a clear cut and increasingly familiar way.

Also see our calculation methods here.

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