Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development (and anti-bullying)

The National Society's Christian Values for Schools with an introduction from former Archbishop of Canterbury - Rowan Williams who captures the approach of Christian educators. Visit the National Society's SIte here:
'Bully 4 U' Workshops- Part of our Cyber Bullying and Bullying Teaching
'My Mate Fancies You' Workshops - part of our Sex and Relationships Education Teaching
Unicef's Work which underpins our work in Rights Respecting Schools. As a Christian Foundation, our starting point is that every person is made in the image of God - providing a radical inclusivity to our approach to equality.
Several Times on Purpose - a very clear reminder to determine if any behaviour is bullying
Stand Up - Don't be a bystander!

We nurture and educate the whole child as a unique individual made in the image of God.

PSHE is taught as discrete subject and its themes are traced throughout our entire curriculum.  We teach the social and emotional aspects of learning and are revising this page entirely during the Autumn term of 2013.

There has been much media coverage of PSHE (notably internet safety and sex education - areas where we have an already distinct approach).

Our Sex and Relationships Education Policy can be found here and our anti-bullying policy here.  Mrs Tramoni leads on our Sex and Relationships Education, Miss Jones on the Stonewall Equality Champions and Mr MacMorran on Rights Respecting Schools.  Our anti-bullying strategy can also be found in the policies section.

We use a theatre company called Loudmouth to provide informative and interactive parent workshops in CyberBullying and Sex and Relationships Education before engaging pupils in workshops after the parent training evenings.  These evenings are particularly welcomed in key stage 2 as they provide starting points for informed conversation between parents and pupils and pupils and staff.  E-Safety is taught as the first lesson of each half-term in ICT units of work.

Ofsted expert advice in PSHE with useful links can be found here.