Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 2017/2018

Miss Lasek is the Head of Year 5

The Year 5 teachers are:


Maths is handed out on Monday and is due in on a Thursday (homework set by class teacher).

Comprehension/Grammar is handed out on a Friday and is due in on a Tuesday (homework set by English teacher).

Science is handed out on a Monday and is due in on a Thursday (homework set by class teacher).

Spellings are handed out on a Wednesday in preparation for a test the following Wednesday. Click here to access the weekly spellings for each set.

Big Talk is done on a Thursday in preparation for the Big Write on the Friday. The topics for the Big Talk homework are found on the learning page. Find out more about the Big Talk here.

(Mathematics, science and spelling is handed out every week. Grammar and comprehension homework will alternate each week.)


Educational Visits, Workshops and Activities:

Autumn Term 2017:

September 2017, Sayers Croft- A 3 day, 2 night residential trip where the children will take part in team building games and activites in the countryside.

November 2017, National Gallery- The children will take part in a 'Talking Paintings' tour where they will learn to critically analyse paintings, considering how the artist has told a story through complex narratives, atmosphere and characters. This directly feeds into our 'Take One Picture' English units. (Cost: Free)

December 2017, West Side Story Orchestra Theatre- The children will attend a fanastic performance of West Side Story at the Barbican. They will have the opportinty to learn about how an orchestra functions and will get to join in with the interactive performance through singing. (Cost: £4 per child).

Spring Term 2018:

February 2018, Vikings and Anglo Saxons Workshop: The children will be experiencing a realistic Viking Day which covers Viking life, routines, jobs, traditions and the culture, topped off by being dressed up as Vikings for the day! (Cost: £3 per child)

Summer Term 2017:

June 2018, Holland Park Ecology centre- The children will learn about the life cyle of plants and the importance of pollination, getting up close to different plants and flowers. (Cost: £3 per child).


Other important notes:

Art- Please ensure your child has an old overall or shirt (loose fitting) that can be kept at school to protect school unform during art lessons.

Contact details- Please ensure your email address and contact details are correct in the school communication system so you can regularly recieve updates and information regarding any key dates or reminders.

Online Resources to Support Learning

Spelling & Grammar: BBC Bitesize

Mathletics Login

Teaching Measures: length, mass and capacity

Teaching Time - Telling the Time

Biology: Life Cycles  Keeping Healthy

Chemistry: Gases Around Us

Physics: Earth, Sun and Space