31,550 steps completed!


A total of 31,550 steps have been walked by all pupils in Year 5 in order to raise money for those refugees currently facing conflict and hardship whilst fleeing their home countries.

As pupils walked up the stairs to the top of the Tower Block, they circled the perimeter of the roof-top playground and walked back down the stairs to the bottom of the tower. During this, they were encouraged to think about the physical endurance needed when a refugee flees his/her country. The walk was repeated five times and this, multiplied by all 90 participants, resulted in the Year Group completing a grand total of 31,550 steps.

Before the endurance walk a warm up took place: this was lead by both teachers and pupils. 

Interestingly, the walk resulted in a disucssion at the end, with pupils clearly reflecting on quite how it must feel to have to make a difficult journey. Many commented on how, although somewhat challenging, refugees faced much greater hardship since the weather, route and surivial are all unknowns.

Thank you for your aniticpated generosity.