4JP - Houses of Parliament


On Friday 22nd January, 4JP visited The Houses of Parliament to explore the Palace of Westminster with a guided tour, learning about the work of Parliament today and democracy.  Pupils experienced the newly opened Discovery Education Centre and attended a 360 degree high production film explaining key events in the changing history of UK Parliament.  The tour gave the pupils the opportunity to reflect on what a UK Parliament of the future might look like and their relationship to that change.

The tour allowed pupils to walk up the stairs for the Sovereign's Entrance (the Queen's private gate to the palace), investigate the Robing Room (where the Queen puts on the Imperial State Crown with a staggering 2,868 diamonds) and stroll around the magnificent House of Lords.  Luckily, there was a debate taking place in the House of Commons, which allowed all pupils to observe MPs laying the foundations for new laws and witness the democratic process first hand.