5MS Make Yummy Breads from Around the World


Some of our yummy breads

The last half term Year 5 was studying ‘Making Bread’ in D&T. We began by discussing how bread was made and watching a clip on how factories make the bread for the shops. Next we looked at different bread from different countries around the world. We tasted different types of bread, discussing textures, flavours, preferences and prices. We tasted a bagel from Poland, Focaccia from Italy, tortilla from Mexico and breads from Australia, France, the Middle East and the UK.

We had sessions with the excellent ipads looking for bread recipes online. We then wrote instructions on how to make them in our D&T books. From the classes recipes we chose four, two sweet, one savory and one plain. There was banana bread, blueberry bread, garlic pizza bread and a plain white loaf. We each chose one and made a little booklet, which included, our ingredients, instructions on how to prepare our chosen bread and then we designed a front cover. 

After Mrs. Slade had bought all the ingredients we measured and weighed the correct ingredients. We put them in bags, labeled them and took them home over the half-term holiday to bake them.  Some of us brought our bread back to class in the new half term for everyone to taste.

5MS really enjoyed their D&T this half-term.

Written by May Larsen, 5MS