6RP’s Class Assembly - the Second World War


What was it like to be an evacuee during the Second World War?

In their assembly this morning 6RP helped us to find out the answer to that question as they explained the historical background to World War Two and reinacted scenes from the life of a family living in London in 1939.

We watched as the family heard the news of the outbreak of the war, as they talked to their children about evacuation and as the children themselves packed and boarded the evacuee train. When they arrived at their destination the children has to face a strict billeting officer and await nervously to find out who their host family was going to be.

Through drama, costume and songs 6RP really gave us all a sense of what it might have been like being a child in London in 1939. Well done everyone!

If you would like to see more pictures of 6RP's wonderful assembly do go to our latest album.