A Day Trip to Central London - Key Stage Two Pupils - Tomorrow (Tuesday)


Dear parents,

The contractors laying the playground, despite our pressure over the weekend and tonight, I am afraid, have not laid a sufficiently large space on which pupils might be able to play safely during playtime and lunchtime.  It looked inevitable that we might have to have closed the school.

However, to ensure the school day goes on with a sense of fun and excitement - and very mindful that many of you will have your own work commitments, we've arranged alternative provision.

We've just arranged for eight coaches to take all pupils in Ys3-6 to St Clement Danes CE Primary School on Drury Lane, a charming school with enough space to accommodate us and we'll get lunches transported in for those who need them.  We'll make best use of being in the area and may even get a quick walk over Waterloo Bridge.  We'll arrange to get back to school for the usual closing time.

If you would rather not bring your child to school tomorrow, you may do so - and given the extraordinary circumstances, all pupils will be marked as present.  We are assured that a large enough section of the playground will be finished tomorrow but will keep you updated throughout and continue to find solutions.

The Grove site is up and running (and looking fantastic) and we look forward to welcoming you there as usual.

Please will you forward this email/ text/call to any parents in Ys 3-6 who may not be on the mailing list - and PTA reps, we'd be really grateful if you could help explain to other parents.

We look forward to seeing you all in morning and I'm sure we'll make tomorrow a lot of fun and an enjoyable experience for all KS2 pupils.

Kind regards,

Mr Prentice