A dragon comes to Year 2


We had a very special guest come into school to visit the children in Year 2 this week. The children had the opportunity to meet a real bearded dragon after studying the book ‘How to Train a Dragon’ and learning about ‘Living things in their Environment’ in Science.

Among the most popular pet reptiles, bearded dragons tend to be gentle, inquisitive, and active during the day. This dragon was four years old and she was very docile. All the children had the opportunity to stroke her if they wished.

“She looked a bit spikey but when you touched her she was very soft and scaly”, said Alex.

‘They actually have three eyes so they can see what is flying above them. The third one is a sensor so it knows what is above it as their predators often attack from the air”, said Penny.

“The bearded dragon can puff up the skin around its neck to scare predators that might want to eat it”, said Angelo.

‘They shed their skin like a snake and their natural habitat is the hot, dry Australian outback”, said Josiah.

“Bearded dragons are cold blooded so they cannot regulate their own temperature. In their tanks they have a cold end and a warm end. The cold end is between 26 degrees and 22 degrees”, said Cori.