A Poem by Joanna Reid, Y6


My Paint Box

A stranger came this morning,
Dressed all in black and grey,
Put every colour into a bag,
And carried them away

Red is the colour of love- of a rose and a heart,
It is the strawberries and cream at summer fairs,
Red is steaming Heinz soup on a freezing day,
The colour of sunburn on my dad’s pale back,
Red is my school tie and my bright summer dress,
The first colour of the rainbow, the biggest and boldest,
And the colour of a soldier’s uniform, protecting my home

Orange is the colour of a huge bonfire dancing in the wind,
Of orange juice running down my parched throat,
Orange is the colour of a friend’s fiery mane,
It is the colour of the sun a huge burning fire ball,
And orange is the colour of the blazing sun setting as I peacefully sleep

Yellow is the colour of the home-made quilt on my bed,
Is the colour of my house Mary Magdalene,
Yellow is the colour of the pencils I use every day at school,
It is the smell of a beautiful daffodil a burst of light on a dreary day,
Yellow is the taste of sour lemons,
The colour of my best friend’s flowing locks shimmering in the sunlight

Green is the smell of freshly-cut grass,
Is the sound of rustling trees on a windy day,
A cool, crunchy cucumber refreshing my taste buds,
The green marking in my book from a friend,
Lemon and lime squash on a hot, sunny day,
Green is the feel of slimy seaweed on my bare legs,
My brothers khaki trousers he took to war,
Green is brave, of fighting soldiers

Blue is my prefect badge shining in the light
The sound of bluebirds singing in the morning,
Blue is the colour of Kate Middleton’s beautiful engagement ring,
And is the turquoise ocean like a soothing lullaby

Purple is the colour of my childhood bedroom filled with happy memories,
It is the smell of a crocus in the spring sunshine,
Purple is the colour of royalty- of HRH,
It is my R.E book and my religion,
Purple is my favourite colour of the entire rainbow,
It is steaming cabbage on a snowy Christmas day,
It is the taste of homemade ice-cream resting on my tongue

Pink is the colour of my sister’s bedroom
It is the colour of my mum’s nails as she holds me tight,
Pink is my dog’s tongue hanging out,
It is the smell of pink gerberas, roses and lilies out of a bouquet my mum has been given,
Pink is the sound of singing coming from my sister’s lips

White is the spotless wedding dress gliding up the aisle,
The sound of a gleaming dove calling from above,
White is the fresh fluffy snow crunching beneath my heavy boots,
It is the shiny, slippery cream covering my strawberries,
White is the smell of a white rose meaning a new start

Gold is the shining star on my Christmas tree,
It is my mum’s rings on her delicate fingers,
It is the gilded gear covering the church,
It is the call of a soaring golden eagle,
And a cupcake warming my stomach

A stranger came this morning,
He didn’t leave his name,
He only left us shades of grey,
Life will never be the same.

By Joanna Reid 6SJ