A Request From Reception


It has been a wonderful, festive few weeks in Reception as we prepare for the Christmas Nativity next week. The children have been working so hard and we thank you for your continued support at home practising lines.


As you will be aware from last week's letter, we will be spending all of next week (week commencing 7th December) on the Broadway Site to rehearse and then perform the play. We will be taking over some spare clothes for Welfare to ensure that children are able to be changed should there be any toilet accidents. As you can appreciate, the clothes currently at the Broadway may be a little large for Reception children! However, in recent weeks, our stock of spare underwear, tights, socks and trousers has decreased. If you have any of school's spare clothes at home, we would be grateful if you could kindly wash and return them as soon as possible. 


If you have any spare items of clothing that you would like to donate to the school, we would be incredibly appreciative of any of the following (especially in sizes suitable for Reception as this is where we are in the greatest deficit):


Additionally, if you are aware that your child is sometimes prone to accidents of this nature, you may want to send in some spare underwear and tights or socks for them next week. These can be discreetly given directly to the class teacher in a labelled carrier bag. 


We hope you are looking forward to the play as much as we are! The children can't wait to show you all their hard work!


Thank you for your continued support.