Active Learning at Sayers Croft


Did you know that Sayers Croft was used as an evacuee centre for 200 boys during the Second World War?

This week as part of their activities Year 6 have been learning about the fascinating history of this site. In 1939 boys were evacuated on mass to Sayers Croft from a school in London, and many of the boys spent the duration of the war here. The dormitories that we are sleeping in are the original buildings that the evacuees slept in - thankfully with a few modernisations! Many of the other buildings at Sayers Croft are the original buildings that were used by the evacuees as a dining hall, classrooms and even a theatre for putting on shows. Pupils have really enjoyed exploring the original air raid shelters, studying the two large wall paintings created by the evacuees and completing a history trail around the site.

The history activites have been a wonderful addition to the main highlights of Sayers Croft, the outdoor activities. Year 6 have built their confidence and their team work skills as they have tackled the new high ropes course, shelter building and the team challenge obstacle course. They have also been developing their practical geography skills, learning how to use a compass, use four figure grid references and learning how to orient and follow a map (challenging for some!)

As you can see, anyone who thinks our days away at Sayers Croft are a break from learning would be completely mistaken!