Big Talk Homework Update


We are immensely grateful to parents for their wonderful commitment through the introduction of the Big Write initiative which has already had a really inspiring impact on pupils' writing.

Thank you to parents who have suggested that we re-consider how the Big Talk homework is advertised and organised - espeically those with pupils in different year groups.  

We are in the process of streamlining the question for the Big Talk each week so the whole school talks around one question, regardless of year group.  This will make talking about the subject each week much easier.  We will also dedicate every Thursday play and lunchtime to the Big Talk so pupils and staff can start discussing the topic of the week in school.  We will publish BIG TALK homework on the website for the whole school a half term in advance from after the half term.

For the next two weeks, here are the questions for the BIG TALK:

Year 1

Week beginning 30th January: You are a character in a fairy tale.  Who and what would you be and why?

Week beginning 6th Feb: Pretend you are the King or Queen.  How would you spend your day?

Year 2

Week beginning 30th January: Imagine a day in your life without electricity. How would your day be different?

Week beginning 6th Feb: A new ending to ... Little Red Riding Hood might be ...

Rest of School:

Week beginning: Monday, 30th January, 2012 -  What makes a good neighbour?

Week beginning: Monday, 6th February 2012: If animals could say prayers, what would they ask for?