Bike It Plus Coming to CtS


Bike It Plus Officer James with his Lizzard bike in Assembly at the Broadway Site

We are delighted to anounce that the Sustrans developed 'Bike It Plus' project is being started at CtS this year, with activities planned for both sites - starting tomorrow!

If you are interested in your child cycling to school but are concerned about the state of your child's bike then fear not, as our Bike It Plus officer for Ealing, James, will be visiting the Grove on Wednesday morning and the Broadway on Thursday morning to carry out any minor repairs and to ensure that all bikes are roadworthy. Please feel free to drop your bike off with James in the morning, it will be tagged with your child's details and it will be ready for collection at the end of the day. It's limited to 30 places per site so will operate on first come, first served basis. 

James will be working closely with the school over the next year and one of the aims will be to establish a Bike It Crew with pupiils from the school.

Bike It Crew members  will play a very important role in helping Christ The Saviour School to become an amazing Bike It Plus
school, with as many people cycling safely to school as possible. They are going to:

·         Learn new skills

·         Become excellent ambassadors for cycling

·         Have lots of FUN!

The Bike Crew is the heart and soul of Bike It Plus and it needs some dedicated people to help it run well! If you are a keen cyclist or want to start getting involved in cycling then look out for information in the future about how to be part of the Bike It Crew.

We look forward to getting more pupils on their bikes and cycling safely to school!


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