Bishop of London’s Lent Appeal 2013


Street Child World Cup

The next diocesan Lent Appeal will be in support of Amos Trust and the Street Child World Cup.

Amos has been working for many years with a partner organisation in Durban, South Africa to assist street children in the city and to challenge the brutal way they were often treated.

The Street Child World Cup brought eight different teams of street children from around the world together in Durban to compete in a football tournament, and to have their voices heard through a highly innovative arts program and the first international street child conference.

The event gained the support of among others David Beckham and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It secured worldwide media attention and successfully transformed the situation for street children in Durban and for each of the competing teams.

This Lent Appeal provides an opportunity to show that we believe that millions of street children, should have a future free from fear, neglect and abuse.

In April last year Bishop Richard hosted members of the 2010 Brazilian street child team as they came to London to kick us off on the road to the 2014 Rio de Janeiro Street Child World Cup.

Sixteen teams of street children from five continents will come together in Rio. They will not only represent their countries (such as Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Philippines, Ukraine, India and hopefully Mozambique) but millions of street children around the world. Together these children will use this global platform to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children around the world.

Our contributions will raise the financial support needed to let these children’s voices be heard.