Black History Competition Winners


During Black History Month at Christ the Saviour pupils haver learnt about Black British Trailblazers and they have evaluated their legacy on the world today.

Students across the school were invited to carry out a research project about an inspirational black person. At school they learnt about inventors, artists, writers and politicians. Some students chose to carry out some further research on the same person they studied at school and others researched a different black trailblazer or inspirational person. Please have a look at our outstanding research projects on display at both sites and learn some more about Harriet Tubman, Louis Armstrong, Garrett Morgan, Rosa Parks, Olaudah Equiano, Dominique Dawes, King Prempeh 1 to name but a few!

Entries were judged on their creative flair and children chose lots of interesting ways to present their work for example posters, leaflets, traffic lights and buses. Some of the winners can be seen above.