Butterflies in Y3


Year 3 have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, by hatching cocoons into butterflies. This week we released the butterflies into the wild.

A child in Year 3 describes what happened:

"The butterflies were an important part of year 3 for us. It was exciting to watch them turn from caterpillars to orange and black butterflies. It all happened slowly over a few weeks.

This is how the caterpillars turned into butterflies. First, it appeared as an egg. Next, it was a small caterpillar and then the most exciting part happened. They made chrysalises and turned into butterflies.
When they formed into their cosy, tiny chrysalises, the brilliant process called metamorphosis happened. They silently changed inside the chrysalises to become beautiful, beloved butterflies. It was a shame one of them didn't make it.

It was a wonderful feeling feeling when we released them back into nature."