Celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday with Year 6


What a lovely day Year 6 had celebrating Her Majesty's 90th Birthday today! 

Teachers and pupils alike arrived at school this morning looking exceptionally smart. We started the day by joining the rest of the school for a rousing assembly with an exciting raffle and plenty of very enthusiastic flag waving!

Celebratory activites then continued throughout the day; Year 6 wrote letters to the Queen to recommend people for her next Honors list, they learned about the 53 countries of the Commonwealth and the Queen's role as their head; they played cricket, studied the royal coat of arms and designed their own. In the afternoon the Year 6 classes visited the fantastic art exhibition, which included amongst its stunning exhibits Spyros Katsos' work (shown above) and Emma Boyadjian's (shown to the right).

At the end of the day each pupil received a copy of the commemorative book - 'The Servant Queen and the King she serves' - as a lasting keepsake of a special day. To journey through the day of celebrations with Year 6 please go to our gallery to see the photos.