CtS Pupil Represents Team GB at Street Hockey


For the last 9 years Ball hockey has been played at Christ the Saviour with many children participating and enjoying the sport. Over the half term 4 players from Ealing including one of our current students and one of our former students (now in year 8) got the chance to represent Team Great Britain (GB) in the Nitra Cup in Slovakia in U13 action. Slovakia is one of the top three countries in the world in the sport and is reigning world and U16 Champions. The U13 and U15 Team GBs are considered the development squad for future Junior World Championships in U16.

Dominic Rae from Year 6 was the goalkeeper on the U13 team and backup on the U15 team. The Slovakian club teams are very skilled at passing and maintaining ball possession and put the Team GB under tremendous pressure. Subsequently Dominic faced many shots and while the scores were 5-1, 9-0, 8-0, 6-2, he was chosen Top player on the British U13 team and in the words of the coach the scores would have been double without Dominic’s goaltending. Meanwhile Alister Rae, former student who is now in Year 8, was the leading scorer of the U13 team with two goals and one assist and was chosen as runnerup for most outstanding player on the team.

If anyone is interested in playing Ball hockey locally in a club please contact andrewnicky@btinternet.com or 07786-111056