Eggs Arrive at Grove Site - Day One


The Grove Site are particularly egggxcited at the moment!  Today we had a delivery of 10 eggs from the Happy Chick Company.  We had a special assembly to talk about our new arrivals and some of the care we will have to take to ensure the chicks hatch.  The eggs are currently in an incubator and have to be kept at a steady 37 degrees.  We hope to see some movement in the next  3-5 days and once the chick has pierced the outer shell it can take up to 24 hours to hatch.  Once they're dry and fluffy they will move into a special box called a brooder.  The children have learnt some new words today such as 'incubator', 'clucking' and 'pipping'.  We will update the website daily so do check in to see the happy eggs become happy chicks!