Year 2 love poetry


Over half term Year 2 pupils memorised a poem to recite to their classmates. The performances were fantastic with a wide range of poetry chosen and some great performances enjoyed by all. One of our students wrote her own poem to learn and recite to the class. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

My School,

By a child in Year 2.

I go to Christ the Saviour

I really like my school

Ms Gallagher is my teacher

We learn the golden rules


Of how to read and how to write

And how to spell and add

I go there every morning

On the bike with my Dad


Mr MacMorran is a teacher

He isn't very old

He's at the gate each morning

Looking very cold


At lunchtime I play football

With Mr Brookes in the yard

And if you are a fouler

He gives you a red card


So if you come in to my school

You will see my smiley face

I really love my school

It is my favourite place.