Explanation on Next Year’s Term Dates


The following information will guide parents in the rationale for determining the academic term dates and, we hope, dispel some of the playground myths.

We publish our term dates almost a year in advance.

2013/14 Term Dates

What is the same?
1. The autumn half term is the same as most Ealing schools (but not all independent High Schools)
2. The Christmas holidays very similar to those of other Ealing schools, although some schools are a day or two out on either side
3. The dates for the start and end of the year at roughly the same time as most schools

The Overview

The three main differences with our holidays are: -

  1. Spring ½ term – our half term comes after a 7 weeks, beginning 24th Februrary.  This then means that the second half term is only 6 weeks.
  2. Easter – we take Holy Week and Easter Week off.
    Easter Sunday is in the middle of the two week break.  We share one of the Easter holiday weeks with Twyford and some other local schools.
    For those with siblings in Hammersmith and Fulham, our Easter holiday dates are the same this year (as with several other inner London authorities, of which Ealing is a part).
  3. Summer ½ term – if we had taken the same half term as the local authority we would only have been back 4 or 5 weeks.  Instead, we have evened out the summer term into two evenly sized terms to stop the long 8 week drag in the second half which younger children, and staff, find too difficult (especially with the increasing temperatures at this time of year, national assessment tests, schools shows, sports’ days, report writing, parents’ evenings and so on).


Why we decided on the dates we did: -

We firmly believe that the even terms are in the best interests of our pupils and that there is sufficient balance in matching our term dates with other schools.

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