Fluffy Friends at the Broadway Site


The chicks settling in, inside the brooder box.

There was an excited buzz in year 5 this morning as we came into school, greeted by two baby chicks. Every hour, another egg hatched. The children were truly fascinated and spell bound by the whole experience. From hearing the chicks cheeping from inside their eggs, watching them begin to pip the outer shell and finally then bursting out of the shell was a truly magical experience.

Once the chicks had fluffed up and dried, they were moved over to the brooder box where they will spend the remainder of their time whilst at CtS. The children have shown lovely 'mother hen' qualities through gently clucking to encourage the chicks to hatch out of their eggs and helping them to feed for the first time.

The children have been asking excellent, inquisitive, thoughtful questions and have been incredibly enthusiastic about the whole process. We are looking forward to enjoying the next part of the chicken life cycle as the chicks begin to grow and explore life outside of their egg!

With two more eggs still to hatch, the excitement continues! Click here to view photos of our lovely chicks.