Genes for Jeans at CTS


Pupils at both sites enjoyed wearing their jeans, denim skirts, jackets and dresses to school today to raise money and awareness on 'Genes for Jeans' day.

Earlier in the week pupils learned about the Christian value of compassion and how Jesus calls us to have compassion on those who are facing difficulties. Jesus calls us to get alongside those who are struggling, to put ourselves in their shoes, to share their struggles and to actively do something to help them.

In assembly we heard the story of what it is like for many children to live with a genetic disorder. Inspired by what they had learned in assembly today the pupils wore their jeans and donated one pound coins. The money we have raised is still being counted, but once it is all totalled up it will go to the charity 'Genetic Disorders UK' that works across the country to support children affected by genetic disorders.

Thank you CTS for the generosity and compassion that you showed today!