Grove Site Bake-a-Brick Fundraising Project for the Ibba Girls’ School


On Wednesday 17th July the children on the Grove Site will make bricks to raise fund for the Ibba Girls' school in South Sudan.  The school will drastically improve life chances for girls in Ibba province South Sudan and support community development.

We have asked the children to collect pledges of support on the 'bake a brick' pledge sheet, which we sent home on Tuesday 9th July.  We would like the children to bring their pledge sheets and the funds they have raised back to school on Wednesday 17th July.  We would also like them to bring two or three newspapers which they will use to make the bricks.

I know that we have asked for your support a number of times this year and am grateful to you for your generosity for this final appeal of the year.  Details of the project can be found below.

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