History at Sayers Croft


Did you know that Sayers Croft was originally built as a camp to house 200 evacuee boys in the Second World War? The dormitories where Year 6 are sleeping originally housed 40 boys each. Today some of Year 6 completed a History Trail to learn more about the lives of the boys during the war years.

We visited the original underground air raid shelter where the boys would have hidden from the bombs, saw the allotment area where they 'Dug for Victory', studied the wall murals the boys painted to depict their lives and assembled at the point where the headmaster used to cane those boys who had not followed the rules!

Some of the evacuees spent as long as five years ar Sayers Croft, and others left the evacuee camp to directly join the army. Some Year 6s think that staying for five years at Sayers Croft would be a great idea!

For pictures of the history trail and the other activities we have done today do follow these links to our galleries: 6SZ  6LY  6LS