How does the school respond during bouts of severe weather?


The nursery in the snow

We will always do everything we can to keep the school open - even when it snows.
Occasionally, we have to make the decision to close the school and we use the following questions to guide that decision.

Q. Can pupils get to school? (especially as our pupils come from  all over the borough and not a single catchment area)

Q. Can pupils get home? It might be fine in the morning, but if  severe weather is expected to prevent a return journey, the  school may decide to closed.

Q. Is the site safe? (are temperature levels in classrooms  adequate?)

Q. Can enough staff get to school? (Our staff travel from all over London and rely heavily on the public transport  infrastructure working)

Q. Are staffing levels adequate? (This is particularly important - especially for infant pupils and for whom there are legal ratio of adult:pupil levels)

Q. Can we provide hot lunches?  (This in itself is not a reason for  closing as we could ask parents to provide a packed lunch if  lunches cannot be transported to school or the catering staff  cannot report for duty)

Q. If the school does have to close, how will I know?
A. The school will update the homepage of its website with a news  article.
The school will also send an email to all parents who have signed  up to the school’s mailing list (you can do this now under the  [contact] section of the website

Q. If the school opens during snowy weather should they still  wear  school uniform?
A. Yes.  However, Wellington boots or other appropriate footwear may be  worn to school.  If this is the case, please include a pair of  slippers or school shoes to change into whilst in school.

Q. Are pupils allowed out to play outside in the snow?
A. Absolutely.  We provide guidance to staff to encourage pupils to  play and enjoy the snow safely – though perhaps not at the usual  times.  We also make sure they dry themselves off when back  indoors.