Interviewing an Evacuee


On Thursday afternoon last week, Mrs Blanch, the grandmother of one of our Year 6 pupils, came into school to be interviewed by Year 6. Mrs Blanch was evacuated from London in 1939 at the age of 7. She is pictured above with fellow evacuees, and to the right, standing outside the cottage in Wiltshire where she lived as an evacuee with a host family. 

A fascinated Year 6 asked Mrs Blanch questions for nearly an hour, to learn more about her experiences during the Second World War. Mrs Blanch graciously and honestly talked about her host families during evacuation, her experiences of the blackout and rationing, and the jobs that her elder sister did in the WRAF and that her father did as a fire watcher in London.

Mrs Blanch's experiences included enjoying knitting, sewing and colouring but also climbing trees and making dens in the woods with the boys. Memorably she remembers sighting a straggly group of Italian priosners of war, witnessing a dog fight between a German and British plane above The Downs, and sheltering in a "horrible" public Air Raid Shetler in London during a serious bombing raid.

Year 6 would like to take the opportunity to thank Mrs Blanch and her family for being so willing to share these personal and precious memories with us. It was an enthralling afternoon of history!