It Took Guts!


You really had to be made of strong stuff to survive Year 6's trip to the Science museum today. We endured a gut wrenching tour through the body's digestive system in the 'It Takes Guts' show, which involved very visual demonstrations of the journey food takes through our body - from beginning to end! 

After the show Year 6 explored some galleries with their classes, looking particularly at how scientific ideas about the body have changed over time. Did you know that in the 1520s tobacco was often prescribed as a medicine and that blowing tobacco smoke into someone's lungs was thought to revive people after drowning? Year 6 did not think these ideas were based upon much scientific evidence!

The day really ended with a bang, with the 'Flash, Bang Wallop' show. We were entertained and educated about how explosions are created with the three essential elements of fuel, heat and oxygen. As you can see from the above photograph a few brave Year 6 volunteers got to experience the explosions at very close quarters! It was a fantastic day of fun and learning - for more pictures do go to our gallery.

A huge thank you to all the parent helpers who came and made the trip possible.