Let the bells ring out!


We were delighted to rescue the bells from the Arcadia Centre when they wanted to dispose of them under their latest refurbishment works.  

In partnership with Fr David Birt and the Ealing Civic Society we acquired a full set of bells free of charge.  We had them placed into a special frame and hung in the atrium of the new building.  

The mechanics, programming and ringing has generated a lot of interest and fascination from pupils.  We've still to finish off the sounding of a few bells but are delighted to hear the Westminster Quarters (like Big Ben) and the angelus ring out.  Who knew that teaching time could be so much fun!  A keyboard is attached and today some pupils were trying to work out some simple melodies - much fun and enjoyment is being had by all.  

We are hoping that some pupils in Year 6 may follow their interest in these bells and explore the local opportunities to ring church bells too.

We are grateful to Gillet and Johnston Clockmakers who have been leading the way in this sort of craftsmanship since 1844 and whose other workd include many famous buildings including Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, the Royal Courts of Justice and more. 

View the photo gallery here.