Life in World War 2 with Year 6


Year 6 ended the first term of the academic year with a fantastic educational visit to RAF Hendon.  Ealing in the Second World War is the focus of our history lessons this term and the trip to RAF Hendon complemented all the wonderful learning that is taking place during this unit.

Pupils and teachers arrived into school dressed up in World War Two costumes, ready to step back in time and experience life during the war. At RAF Hendon pupils got to wear genuine RAF uniforms and learn more about the brave men and women that wore these precious uniforms in battle.

The children particularly enjoyed observing and identifying the aeroplanes, which battled gallantly over Britain during the war and helped make Britain’s victory possible.

After our wonderful day out, we are looking forward to learning more about the life of evacuees from Ealing as we continue our history studies in the classroom in the weeks to come.