‘My Mate Fancies You’ Workshop for Years 5 and 6



Jodi and Matt from Loudmouth education and training visited Christ the Saviour today to perform 'My Mate Fancies You' to Years 5 and 6. This performance covered the changes that take place in puberty in a humerous and engaging way and supports our SRE curriculum for Years 5 and 6. 

Some quotes from CtS pupils after todays session:

"It was a brilliant show which made growing up seem more lively and happy. It taught me not to be scared or worried as I knew everything would be fine. I would love to see another show like it."

"The My Mate Fancies You session has helped me to realise what changes take place and how they can take place. It has also helped me understand the reality of going through puberty and that there are loads of people to talk to. It helps me to take calm action and be prepared."

"I will now know that it is completely normal to start puberty at different times."

"It has helped me learn more about the changes that happen to children/ teenagers. It has made me feel more confident talking about it in front of other people. It has made learning about it fun."

"The session helped me understand emotionally and physically what going through puberty is like. Having characters really helped me empathize and imagine what it will be like. I am much more confident and settled now."

Thank you to all the parents who attended our parent meeting last night and saw the first half of this performance. Please ask your children what happened to the characters in the second half!