New Climbing Wall


Pupils were very pleased with the installation of a new climbing wall at the Broadway Site today. 

The climbing wall has four colour coded traversing challenges which increase in difficulty from 1 to 4. 

1 - Rainbow Traverse - use any coloured handholds and footholds (this is the easiest route across)
2- Green footholds and green handholds
3 - Yellow handholds and yellow footholds
4 - red handholds and red footholds - (this is the hardest route and requires great upper body strength and dexterity!)

The aim is to climb along the wall  (from left to right) without touching the ground.

Children have been taught to give other users on the wall time and space to move along and to be considerate towards other users on the wall. 

Pupils should use sensible footwear when climbing (school shoes are fine but laces should be tied properly!)

Happy climbing everyone!