New School Photographer Appointed


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Class Photos and Portraits

Following recent negotiation, we are pleased to appoint a small company from Cambridge as the new school photographer following issues of significantly poor quality from the previous service.  The new provider is highly experienced in academic photography.  You can visit the company’s website here if you are interested:


Range of Photographs and Presentation

The prices are also improved and parents will be free to choose simple un-mounted portraits and class photos which they can frame themselves for a very good price. To complement this, there is also a very lovely range of class photos mounted, framed, with names of pupils, with the school crest or even a portrait alongside a class photo – and so on.  Mock ups may be seen in the Grove Office.  We shall also get proofs to display in both schools so you can see before you buy. All pupils will bring home a hard proof copy for parents to view before purchasing. 

Dates and School Uniform

It is imperative that full school uniform is worn as usual.  The dates for class and portrait photos are as follows:

Monday 21st October – Grove Site
Tuesday 12th November – Broadway
Monday 18th November – Choir, Servers, Sports’ Teams etc.


The only service we cannot provide is taking photographs of siblings however, this service is available locally with other photography companies.


Year One

Because you missed your reception class photo when starting school last year, we shall organsise two class photos for you – one for year 1 and one with your reception class and staff – you are then free to choose none, one or two class photos!

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