News Updates


We copy the email sent yesterday with updates.  On the Broadway finishing time please can we just clarify that we wish to continue opening and starting early as we have this year and not revert to teachers starting the day at 9am but 8.30am.  If you are genuinely worried about not being able to collect at 3pm on the Broadway for at least the first term, please just let the office know and we will gladly get an adult to supervise until 3.20pm. 

If you want to receive school emails and texts - please make sure you have added your e-mail addresses and mobile numbers in Arbour.  If you are stuck - phone or visit the office - we are always happy to help.  Arbor Website.


Dear Parents,

After School Clubs

We are delighted to let you know that a timetable with a considerable range of engaging after-school clubs (run by staff) will be offered every day of the week from September.   We will introduce the revised day alongside the offering of after-school clubs.  In addition, the SSUK club will continue to operate as usual. More details will follow before the end of term - each club will last for an hour and the fee will be around £2.50 per session. 

Broadway Site Starting Times

We have been considering the benefits of opening the Broadway site earlier this year.  We currently open the gates at 8.30 and the large majority of children are well settled in class by 8.45.

From September 2014, we shall start the day by opening as usual at 8.30am but start registration from 8.40 and teaching by 8.45.  This allows us to make best use of the morning teaching times when pupils are much more energetic and much more responsive than the slightly more sluggish afternoon sessions!  

Broadway Site Finishing Time

We shall end the school day on the Broadway Site at 3pm. 

We have re-arranged timetables which enable us to exceed the minimum teaching hours for KS2 (which are no longer set but used to be 23.5 hours per week).  We actually teach for 25 hours in our revised approach.

The Grove Site times will remain exactly as they are.

Support during the Transition

If you find this new finishing time on the Broadway from problematic in any way, please let us know and we will find ways to support you.  If necessary, we can supervise for those 20 minutes over the first half term to allow a smooth transition for all.  Please just e-mail the office and let us know.


New School Email

All staff have changed their email addresses as we moved over the GoogleApps for education this term.  Look out for the new email addresses.  The same format of teacher surname is used:  The office is  Old email addresses will work until September.

Year 2

We have converted the old Grove Site ICT suite back to a classroom and this has enabled us to keep Year 2 down on the Grove Site next year.  If we can make this work, we may well keep Y2 down there.

PTA Summer Fair

May I personally thank all of the PTA for their amazing work on the summer fair which reached record highs - more to follow from the PTA on that.  We are grateful to you all for your inspiring dedication to the school thorughout the year.

New Broadway Building

We are so thrilled to have moved into the new building on the Broadway Site. 

On each floor there is:

a year group library
a drinking fountain
two pupil loos
a staff loo
great air handling units which keep CO2 levels low and lots of natural light. 

There is also a new hall, the rooftop playground (with views of the central London), a quiet playground on the first floor, excellent new interactive equipment in classes and so on.  The back sports playground - with removable netball and basketball posts will be marked out with 6 mini-tennis courts - is almost complete. We are still settling in and there is snagging and displays still to be arranged. 

We would like to extend a welcome to you to stay and have a look around at your leisure after the morning drop off from 8.30am until 9.10am  each morning over the next week.  It really is brilliant!  By October half term phase two will be completed and we will have a new office, a new entrance to the school (from the other side of the church), a new staffroom and a new kitchen.  We really look forward to welcoming you in - some parents had a glimpse today at the KS2 pupil piano recital.

End-of-Year Masses

Please note that the end of year mass for the Grove Site is on Wednesday of next week.  The end of year mass and Prize Giving for the Broadway pupils is on Thursday.  Both are at the usual times and you are most welcome. 

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Year 6 are almost ready to stage their production of Joseph at the Questors Theatre.  It is sounding really brilliant and we are all looking forward to it.  Tickets can be acquired for a donation at this website: 
Book here

Year 2 Production

Year 2 stage their production this Friday in the Grove Site hall.  We look forward to seeing the Year 2 parents there.

Report Cards

We are busy finishing off report cards and these will be sent home early next week.  Teachers have been busy setting targets for next year today and arranging hand-over information about the pupils in their new classes.


We were most grateful for the feedback from the parent survey last term.  We have been busy trying to address the suggestions for improvement and appreciated the positive feedback too.  The new e-mail and SMS messaging service is just one of the results of your feedback.

There is certainly never a dull moment at CtS! 

Very best wishes,