Power Cut Update


Monday 10am

All year one and two pupils have been safely moved over to the Broadway Site thanks to the very kind and energetic support of parents.  They are currently enjoying a short time off timetable and watching a DVD in the Great Hall at the Brodaway Site.  Reception classes and nursery remain on the Grove Site as usual as there is power to that part of the school.

We are currently organising hot lunches for those who have a school meal.  

Whilst some more power has been restored to the Grove Site, we anticipate that year 1 and 2 will remain on the Broadway for the rest of the day.  We shall update the website by 2pm to let parents know where to collect their children from.

Monday 11.15am

We have organized lunch for all year 1 and 2 pupils on the Broadway Site.  Warm food is being transported in for all reception pupils.  Y1 and Y2 have enjoyed playing out in the snow for a short time with their friends after a session of working in mixed classes on some maths-based colouring.  

Monday 12noon

All pupils are enjoying tucking into their lunches.  Lunchtime staff, teaching assistants, office staff, teachers and leaders will walk the pupils back to the Grove Site after lunch.  PUPILS CAN BE COLLECTED AS NORMAL FROM THE GROVE SITE AT HOME TIME.

Monday 1pm

All Grove Site pupils have returned safely to the Grove.  Many have changed into their PE shoes to keep them warm and dry.  The electricity is fully restored and the heating burning away quite happily.

Clearly not an easy morning but our resilience has enabled us to keep the show on the road - we really are grateful for all those parents who helped out this morning.