Prefects Go Planting


Prefects and House Captains had the privilege of planting trees and shrubs at Heartwood Forest today with the aid of Tim Kirwin, a horticultural specialist. Heartwood Forest is the largest forest owned by the Woodland Trust and is around 850 acres (that's the size of 400 football pitches).

After a short coach trip filled with singing and laughter, the pupils got their hands dirty and in true Christ the Saviour spirit, put in the hard work and dedication which saw them plant 185 trees. Pupils had to use spades to dig out holes large and deep enough for the roots to be contained and the sapling to stand upright. The saplings were then placed in the hole and the soil had to be carefully packed around the roots. Trim received the award for planting the most trees (a whopping total of 16).

Well done Year 6 for making a difference to the community and giving back to the environment. For more picture go to our gallery.