RAF Hendon


The Year 6 floor was unrecognisable on Wednesday morning as it swarmed with evacuees and army officers getting ready for the educational visit to RAF Hendon! Pupils, teachers and parent helpers had made a fantastic effort to get into the spirit of World War Two by dressing up in period costume. 

The visit to RAF Hendon was planned to support our local history study of Ealing during the Second World War. At the museum pupils enjoyed a workshop on "Life in the Blitz", where they were given their National Identity cards, made gas mask boxes and listened to the stories of an ARP warden. They also got to experience what it might have been like in an air raid as they were all hurried into a shelter when the air raid siren went off, to anxiously wait for the 'All Clear' to sound before they could leave.

Pupils also learned about the role of the RAF and the WAAF in the war, and the crucial role that those brave men and women played in the Battle of Britain. Pupils were able to try on genuine RAF Second World War uniforms and to see many Second World War planes, including the impressive Lancaster Bomber and several different Spitfires. It was a wonderful day of learning together - to see more photos of our day do go to our latest gallery.