Reception Weekly Update, week ending 09/10/15


We have had another busy week in Reception and the children are continuing to bring smiles and laughter to school as the weather gets colder. 

In Phonics this week, we have been practising oral blending and segmenting of words... Segmenting simply means saying the individual sounds that make up a word, such as c-a-t for 'cat'. Blending is then putting them back together, such as hearing the sounds 'd-o-g' and knowing that they make 'dog' when you blend them. This video shows a group of children segmenting sounds then blending the words back together. 

To develop language and communication skills, we have been hotseating characters from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This also helps the children to think about asking questions using words like who, why, what, where and how, and also to develop empathy by imagining being in someone else's shoes. 

In Numeracy, we have been continuing to learn to write our numbers and have now added 4, 5 and 6 to the numbers we can count with and write. Please try to use maths around the house whenever you can by encouraging your child to count how many apples are on the table, or how many toys they have. Can your child write down how many people are eating dinner together on a piece of paper?

In RE this week we are continuing to practise the Lord's Prayer, and have looked at the story of Noah's Ark for our weekly Bible story. 

To develop our Understanding of the World, we have been talking about our families and what we like to do with them. We have also learnt some interesting facts about hedgehogs and this has linked to our creative activities for the week, where children have enjoyed making individual hedgehogs and contributing to one big one as a whole class. 

In PE the children have practised changing into their full kit and enjoyed a variety of games and activities to develop co-ordination and movement. We still have some children without PE kits in school, please ensure your child has a fully named kit for next week. 

Finally, a plea to all parents to please check that all your child's uniform is clearly named. Note that names written in pen may need to be rewritten after each wash as they do fade. We thank you for your support!