Reception’s trip to London Zoo


Reception had a fantastic fun filled day at London Zoo today. The trip started with a visit into Africa where we were lucky to see the giraffes grazing on brunches, followed by a journey through the Gorilla Kingdom, where recently a baby gorilla had been born. After having lunch in the lovely sunshine the children got to see a show about different volant animals from different continents. We all then made our way through Penguin beach into the Butterfly Paradise, where the children spotted many different coloured butterflies flying all around them. This led us into the Land of the Lions, where the lions were taking a nap. The children enjoyed walking through the Animal Adventure seeing lamas and aardvarks leading us through the reptile house and finally a visit to the Outback where the kangaroos were huddled up asleep. After all that adventure and excitement it was time to board the coaches and return to school with some very tired children! Click here to see some of todays adventure.